DIY Edible Flower Basket from Southern Living

Hey, Guys! I made a DIY Flower Edible Basket from Southern Living magazine. (Ok, so the basket isn’t edible–the plant’s are.) Wink, wink!

First I gathered all my materials:

– Basket from Lowes
– Peat moss
– Slow-release fertilizer from the Enchanted Forest
– Plants from Enchanted Forest


supplies for hanging basket

I filled my basket with the peat moss up to a couple of inches from the basket’s rim.

I sprinkled in the slow-release fertilizer.

And mixed it in.

Using a slow-release fertilizer in basket.
Sprinkling on Osmocote, the slow-release fertilizer that the Enchanted Forest cashier recommended.

I put in the purple cabbage first.

Then the pansies.

And added the cilantro.

Top view of planting process.
Photo credit: Princess Buttercup

I watered it really well…

And there you go! An edible fall Basket!

What do you think? (Comments welcome!)And there you go! An edible fall Basket!

What do you think? (Comments welcome!)


Note: I did not receive anything free from posting the vendors or brands.
Source: Southern Living Magazine, p. 18, “The Fragrant Flower Basket.” October 2017.

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